There are three main ways to consume CBD - inhalation, ingestion and topically on the skin. Within those categories are many variations, strengths, weaknesses and techniques. First and most effective - Inhalation. Hemp flower itself can be ground, rolled and smoked like a cigarette or directly out of a pipe. This will offer immediate relief from symptoms like insomnia, panic, lack of appetite, muscle pain and headaches. If you prefer to vaporize your flower, there are many dry herb vaporizers on the market that allow you the benefits of CBD without having to deal with smoke and resin. 

The second way to inhale CBD is through concentrates, which are always more potent than CBD flower on its own. Concentrates are made by compressing CBD flower at very hot temperatures to make a sticky, waxy and extremely versatile product. Thick CBD oil commonly comes in prefilled cartridges that when screwed on a pen battery and vaped, gives the same effect as smoking. There are also options for bottles of varying dosages of CBD e-liquid if you already have your own vaping device. CBD in this form is a lot easier to measure and dose, as a few puffs is all it takes to relieve most immediate symptoms. CBD concentrate can also be purchased in various different forms separately - wax, shatter and crystal isolates are most common. The differences between the three boil down to consistency of the product, flavor profile and potency. CBD concentrates can be dabbed out of a waterpipe, with a nectar collector or placed on the coils of a wax vaporizer. 

CBD is also effective when consumed orally. A popular option are gummies, which contain anywhere from 3 to 20mg per candy, depending on the size and overall potency. Eating CBD will keep it in your system longer than vaping or smoking it. Edibles will take longer to start kicking in, however, as they need more time to get from the stomach into the bloodstream. Hemp oil taken sublingually (under the tongue) is also quick, potent way to ingest CBD that lasts even longer than gummies. Natures Tru offers sublingual oils that range from 100-4000mg/bottle, which can be taken sublingually or dripped on food or in beverages. While vaping and smoking are best for immediate symptoms, the effects of CBD edibles are more drawn-out and slow on the uptake. This offers 3-5 hours of consistent relief from pain and anxiety. 

The last method to enjoy CBD is by applying it directly to the skin. Broad spectrum CBD oil works best for this - however, if you have oily or sensitive skin, there are many CBD infused balms and lotions that work in the same way. Most range from 50-500mg/bottle and are made to target joint and muscle pain faster and more directly than other methods. When infused with ingredients like ginseng and menthol, there will be more drastic effects and heating/cooling sensations. More potent CBD sprays and roll-ons work by opening the pores slightly so that the hemp extracts can make deeper contact with aching nerves. Using a cooling roll on behind the ears and on the forehead can help alleviate stress and headaches throughout the day, without leaving a cloud of smoke or vapor behind.