No matter how you introduce CBD to your system, the type of CBD you use is just as important. There are three main types of products available - isolate, broad spectrum and full spectrum. Isolate is cannabidiol on its own with no terpenes, usually refined down to crystalized concentrates or oils. Isolate oils are best for hyperactive, arthritic or easily startled pets, as all beings with a backbone have endocannabinoid systems that work in the same way ours do. Older cats and dogs can heavily benefit from CBD, as it helps to strengthen the immune system while relieving joint pain and calming the animal simultaneously.

Broad spectrum offers a much more robust range of terpenes and cannabinoids, giving a heavier body sensation. Broad spectrum oils and creams are best for pain relief throughout the work day, as they still contain no THC. CBD vape cartridges containing broad spectrum oil will get to work quicker on pain as well, as our endocannabinoid system responds better to a variety of different cannabinoids at once. Terpenes play a big role, too; helping to open the pores and soothe skin topically, while also allowing the throat and lungs to better absorb the CBD from a puff off of a cartridge or pipe. Broad spectrum and full spectrum products are the better options across the board, as CBD needs a wide range of other cannabinoids to be effective.

Full spectrum contains a full range of CBDs as well as a legal amount (>0.3%) of THCs. Full spectrum CBD has all the same benefits as broad spectrum, with one important added ingredient - extremely low levels of the psychoactive compound THC. While cannabidiol has many benefits on its own, adding THC to the mix of CBDs enhances and strengthens their effects exponentially. 0.3% THC isn’t enough for a human to experience any kind of high. However, if you decide to give CBD to your animals, stick to an isolate or broad spectrum at most - THC is toxic to our furry friends!

Adding THC to CBD works so well because our bodies are already riddled with our own active cannabinoids. While adding different cannabinoids than the body produces will result in a very mild sedative effect, THC is needed to assist cannabidiol in binding to dopamine receptors to alter their production for true pain and anxiety relief. Full spectrum CBD, no matter the delivery method, will stay active and in the body the longest out of any other varieties of CBD products available. The effects of vaping full spectrums will set in quicker, sublingual oils will soothe the throat on their way down and topicals will leave a light numb buzzing sensation on the skin as the CBD gets to work on the nerves underneath. Full spectrum also has more noticeable effects on mood and appetite, leaving the user feeling uplifted and calm. 

No matter your chosen delivery method, type or strength, introducing your body to CBD is a way to feel comfortable without heavy painkillers or recreational substances. Do your own research on whether CBD is a good option for you and your lifestyle, and if you feel its therapeutic effects work well for you.