Cannabidiol, or CBD, is an essential part of the cannabis plant - and of our own bodies. CBD doesn’t have the same psychoactive properties as THC and won’t leave you feeling intoxicated, while still giving you the extremely beneficial properties cannabis has to offer. Your body already has a complex endocannabinoid system that plays a very important role in reproductive health, sleep, mood, even appetite. By introducing this system to cannabis, you’re giving it a healthy push in the right direction toward long-term functionality and general wellbeing. CBD has no side effects, will not react with any other medications, is safe for pets and nontoxic to humans, even in extremely high doses. Cannabis’ therapeutic properties and gentleness on the body far outweigh the risks associated with its drug store counterparts, as there has been no reported liver, heart, or kidney damage with long term use.

CBD has a plethora of physical and emotional benefits. No matter your preferred method of ingestion, cannabidiol helps to elevate mood, curb anxiety and pain, up your appetite and tell your nervous system to just chill out for awhile. CBD is not a cure or treatment in itself, however, and should rather be treated as a supplement to help curb some nasty side effects prescription medications may have to keep you feeling more comfortable and in control.

Cannabis is an extremely complex plant made up of hundreds of variations of the THC and CBD molecules that work together to create therapeutic effects when brought to high temperatures and ingested. The cannabis used in CBD products bought independently of the help of a doctor is different than that used for medical patients, and is usually referred to as “hemp”. Industrial hemp has been used for its fibers and extracts for decades completely legally, as industrial hemp has ND (non-detectable) levels of the psychoactive compound THC. Most products on store shelves are derived from a CBD rich hemp crop, and thus contain low to no traces of THC.

Hemp flower is covered in a sticky, crystalline coating called “terpenes” that play a big role in all other CBD products. Terpenes, or “terps”, are present in many other plants than cannabis, such as pine trees. If you’ve ever found an especially sappy pine cone, you may have noticed how strong the pine scent is - that’s the terpenes! Depending on the strength and strain of the CBD product, terp flavor and scent will vary in strength, and run somewhere along the spectrum of fresh-cut grass to orange peels. Usually the stronger the product, the more terpy it’ll smell and taste. There are many CBD products for sale that are enhanced with hemp terpenes to give a cleaner flavor and a light tingling effect, as well as less aromatic oils with most of the terpenes removed. 

Hemp flower can be smoked on its own, or left to be refined into pure CBD extracts and oils for other forms of consumption, different experiences, and different benefits. For example, terpenes will be much more present and flavorful after being extracted and refined into CBD shatter than they would be from smoking raw hemp flower. 

From this point, the possibilities are a bit staggering - between ediblessublingual oilsvape juices and cartridges, there are dozens of different methods to consume CBD throughout the day.